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Added info for completion's sake. Closed species UNLESS you chat with me about it.

Species Name:

Other Names: None

Federation Status: Allied

Homeworld: Gahreesen

Atmosphere Type: Type I: Normal

Universal Location: Cha'sa Ci:lah Galaxy

Range: Homeworld only

Population Class: Group 4: 500,000 or under

Intelligence Class: Class 6: Self-aware; building species

Technology Tier: Tier 5: Atomic Age

Lifespan: 300 SY

Diet: Herbivorous

Average Height of Adult: 10 feet

Coloration:  The Ehelsen have dark, grey skin with blue markings that may be bright or muted but which are mostly linear markings of spots.

Anatomical Specialties: N/A

Sexual Dimorphism: None; members of this species are hermaphrodites.

Age of Sexual Maturity: 100 SY

Gestation Period: N/A; individuals release spores which may then gestate the bodies of trees, receptive Ehelsen, or, in some cases, humans. Development to emergence takes 3-5 years depending on the host.

Development/Breeding: Ehelsen that come from tree hosts are called eskel, and those come from receptive members of their own species are called neves. Neves are larger than their counter parts and are known to travel from their home forests when they reach around 200 years of age. Neves, on the other hand, are deeply linked to the forests that brought them to life. Emergence from either trees or another member of the same species does not kill or harm the host, but those few members of the species that are accidentally seeded into human bodies do kill them. These young are called cahmesa, and they are the soulless ones, unaccepted by their own people and feared by humans. This occurance is avoided at all cost, but exploring D'ni and humans were careless about entering Ehelsen homelands and became aggressive when the other species tried to warn them away.

Senses: The Ehelsen have six eyes which gives them a nearly 360 view around their bodies; these eyes are also able to see a very wide range of colors far outside of the visible spectrum in either direction. They do see motion much better than objects, and this makes them well adapted for seeing in the ever-moving forests that they call home. Their sense of hearing is highly acute, although only in very low frequencies which makes it nearly impossible for them to hear human speech. Likewise, their communication is at low frequencies which are unperceivable by humans. They do not have a sense of taste, and their hands are very sensitive to vibrations, which further facilitates their communication.

Emotions: Standard

Communication: Vocal- low frequencies

Species Abilities: None

Social Organization: The Ehelsen live in herds that are organized around the forests that they call home. They are deeply rooted in tradition, so much so, that there are not many instances of group decision-making. When they are faced by new situations, as with the arrival of humans on their homeworld, they will gather in larger groups to pool their knowledge and then utilize their traditional knowledge in order to guide their decisions.

Religion: The Ehelsen believe that they came from the smaller animals that live in the forest, which, in turn, came from the trees, and those from the stone of their world. Thus, the stone is extremely sacred to them, and its quarrying by the D'ni is seen as something of a horrifying heresy. They also, contrary to human beliefs, see themselves as the lowest form of life on their world, as they are not as intrinsically connected to the trees and world as others, they are the furthest removed by their own reckoning. They believe that their maker, ahgenhav, lives in the center of their world, while they see flight and space travel as movement away from the sacred.


            From birth till death, the Ehelsen have deep connections to the forests that they make their home in, even the neves, which may move to a new home at some point in their life. This movement is seen as a gift to the rest of the species as this helps different groups of Ehelsen keep in contact, share information, and keeps the gene pool fresh. Those that move will never forget their home forest, however, and many will return there when death draws near. Families are also very close, but rather than being along bloodlines, families are based around the home forest.

            On a day to day basis, the Ehelsen maintain their cities and have developed very careful agricultural systems which balance the needs of their forests with every member of their society. They have not found the need to develop a trading system among themselves, and the rest of the group, without question or hesitation, cares for those members of their species that have any disability. All members are equally valued, and there is no gender bias among them due to the fact that they have only one gender.

            Despite their long-standing traditions, the Ehelsen are accepting of change, and know that that is the nature of the forest and the universe. They do their best to handle change peacefully and find compromises when need be. Likewise, they are fearless of death, because they believe that this will bring them closer to their god and support the forest.  Their peaceful, calm nature, makes war among them nearly unheard of, although there are rare instances of violent conflict recorded, mostly as a warning to future generations against such action.

            While they do not wear clothes, the Ehelsen do tattoo themselves to show what forest they are from, and in fact, these markings can be used as map back to the home forest, although it is mostly unintelligible to outsiders without a codex.

Technology/Architecture: The Ehelsen build their cities beneath the ground in the natural tunnels that have been created by the trees of the forest as they die. The Ehelsen themselves do not dig these tunnels, but they will modify them with the use of clay and natural materials from the surface. They power their cities and highly developed agricultural technology with geothermal energy. This technology has been traded with the Federation due to the Ehelsen's ability to sustainable management their agriculture.

I know Aurox is supposed to be some scary monster, but after reading more of the lore for him and Shayne, I've decided that I feel bad for him and his species. People came into their home in the Detritus Ring and started trying to eradicate them. Not cool!
This is a headworld creature that I have been imagining for a long while, but had never drawn out or colored. I have about three pages worth of information on them, but I've come to the conclusion that no one cares but me anyway, so I'm not going to add it in. If you are curious, you can always ask. :P
Meridus: Battleborn Thrall
So, I had a crazy week. It was nice to just sit down and color this lovely character after it all. And eligible Thrall in headworld clothing.
Teledahn Creature
I'm resigned to never playing Uru. :/ So, I finally committed to watching the Let's Play for the game so I can at least see the worlds and get the final piece of the Myst story. Anyway, I kind of love the Shroomies from Teledahn. :3 This one was fun to draw and color.



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I've been feeling really rudderless in terms of my art lately. I'm tore between a bunch of different things that I want to draw; I want to challenge myself, but I am also so turned off by things that I feel like I can't do. I think I need to get organized and just sort of list what I want to work on, but I have so many ideas swimming around in my head, I can't seem to settle on anything. I don't really know what to do. Just finish something, anything, I guess.
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